What Jonas Salk Learned from Spilled Milk

         Years ago, after a junior high teacher in my congregation returned from an education conference, I asked if she’d learned anything memorable. She responded with a story she’d heard about Jonas Salk, the legendary scientist who created the polio vaccine.  As the story goes, someone asked Salk what helped him become successful.  He gave credit to hisContinue reading “What Jonas Salk Learned from Spilled Milk”

What to do with a prize salmon?

What to do with a prize salmon?  The second congregation I served was in Wapato, Washington – a town of 3,000 with an 85% poverty rate. George Palmer was retired and drove an older white pick-up truck. An experienced tradesman, he liked to go around town and do household repairs for people who could not affordContinue reading “What to do with a prize salmon?”

Siddhartha Visits a Nursing Home

      As a pastor, hospice worker, and someone who was involved in the long-term care of my father and mother-in-law, I have walked through the door of nursing homes many times.  At one point I realized the thoughts and feelings I (and many people) experience are something we share with that of Siddhartha Gautama before he becameContinue reading “Siddhartha Visits a Nursing Home”