Disciple Dog’s “Bow-Attitudes”

         Last year I was preparing a sermon on the “Beatitudes” (Matthew 5: 3-12).  I shared some thoughts with Disciple Dog on our morning walks. Next thing I know, he told me he’d created his own list. He called them his “Bow Attitudes.”  Here they are:

Disciple Dog Shares His List of “Bow-Attitudes”

         DD came up with 7 things worthy of “bows” in his life that day.  Since then, he’s been regularly creating fresh lists as a spiritual exercise.  He’s taught me it’s a great way to start or end our day, and can help when we can’t sleep or are feeling anxious.  It actually is a practice that is useful in all kinds of situations.  “Tell them to give it a try,” he told me.  I said I would.


  1. peterandsuzannebrown@gmail.com says:

    Thanks Steve Your Saturday morning thoughts always bring some light 🙏 Suzanne and Peter

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  2. pcorrigan22yahoocom says:

    So sweet, and down deep true! Thanx, Steve!


    1. pcorrigan22yahoocom says:

      replying to “Bow Attitudes.”


      1. Thank you, Patty, for the kind words. I’ll pass them on the Disciple Dog.

        Fun to see your dogs enjoying life!



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