Disciple Dog’s Mother’s Day Card

         In my life and career, I’ve listened to many people describe their family life.  I learned many people have had deeply nurturing relationships with their mothers.  I know others whose relationships have been painful.  And I know the experience can also be a complicated mix.

         I can affirm being a parent is not an easy task.

         Over the years, I also learned to appreciate the power of being in spiritual communities, where people of many ages and life experiences come together to care for and support one another.  These spiritual families can become like an extended family.

         Last May I was serving as interim pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  My mentor and friend, Disciple Dog, shared some personal thoughts with the congregation on Mother’s Day. This week, he gave me permission to share it with you:

         DD named some specific people in his spiritual “pack.”  On this Mother’s Day weekend, he suggested I encourage all of us to do the same.  Who comes to mind for you?

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  1. pcorrigan22yahoocom says:

    GPC was my best, sweetest, “Spiritual Pack,” ever! I was grateful and happy then, so many years ago, and continue to feel grateful and happy now, every time some memory of GPC comes back to me – which is often. Happy Mother’s Day to all at GPC. Thank you, Steve.


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