Disciple Dog and the Scary Storm

            Today I want to introduce you to one of my long-time and trusted spiritual guides – Disciple Dog.  We’ve been buddies for years.  

If I was working on sermons and feeling stuck, I would visit him. He always helped me see things more clearly.  

He was much loved by the congregations I served –people often said they got more from him in three minutes than listening to me for twenty.  He knew that, but didn’t rub it in.

            I’ve been thinking about sharing some of our conversations from our archive on my blog. I asked him how he’d feel about it.  He said, “Sure, why not?”

            We start this week with a conversation from last April.

            At that time, we were all entering a lockdown in response to the COVID pandemic.  It was a scary time.  It felt like we were in a storm.  

            One morning, Disciple Dog told me that the night before he’d had a dream about being in a scary storm.  He described the dream to me.  Here it is: 

           Pause for personal reflection. When he got past his initial fear, he began reaching out to others.  Looking back over your experience over the last year, did any of your relationships become stronger?  Did you develop any new relationships in the storm?

            DD is napping right now, but he asked me to share with him any comments you may have.


  1. Cragg Gilbert says:

    Fun. My dog jumped up off the floor when you whistlers to DD

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. So your dog is also hearing a “call?” Sounds like you’re a good role model.



    2. Don Lubach says:

      Clearly, you have contracted a new variant of the Covid that must be called the FRED ROGERS mutation. You are showing profound signs of Fred Rogers. And I have to say, I’m here for it!


      1. Thank you, Don…I am honored. I will keep my infection alive if it meets your approval.

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  2. Your Uncle Ernie says:

    loved Disciple Dog’s silent wisdom.  And i especially liked when “the other dog” visited in the background. I tried to post a comment, but WordPress required me to “log in” to do so, then ran me around in an infinite loop about resetting my password.  Gave up on that after four times through the loop.     Ernie

    Sent from my lawn sprinkler


    1. Gosh, sorry to hear that Ernie. Not sure what’s the problem..


  3. maryannaransom says:

    I’m so glad that DD found comfort in the midst of the storm. My singing dog, Laney, would love a friend like disciple dog.


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