Videos and Articles

Videos of Sermons and Talks

  1. “Tears of Grief and Regeneration” I was Director at La Casa de Maria retreat center when January 9, 2018, debris flow took a number of lives in our community, destroyed a major part of our property and shut down all operations. Six days later there was a community vigil at the local courthouse lawn and I offered a 4 minute reflection on the experience.
  2. “Living Faithfully in the Tragic Gap” — a sermon on balancing aspiration and disappointment.
  3. “The Wheel of Fortune and the Tenacity of Grace” We look at an old Jewish folktale, the ancient belief in a “Wheel of Fortune” and the grace that is always available to us.
  4. “It’s Still Me in Here” A video of a sermon on aging bodies and our renewing inner spirit.
  5. For All the Saints” A video of a sermon on how “saints” don’t have to be pure, pious and perfect to have an impact on our lives and the world.
  6. “Choose Life:” As my time as interim pastor at St. Andrew’s was concluding in the fall of 2020, political turmoil and race were constant topics that concerned us all. I felt a need to identify two other issues that I deeply believe are critical to our survival. The first is obvious, the second not so much; it involves the formula b+c+d=hh.
  7. A very kind tribute from the St. Andrew’s congregation on my last Sunday with them, November 15, 2020:

Disciple Dog has been a constant companion, helping me find clarity in many situations — usually in less than four minutes.

  1. “Keep It Simple” — Early in the COVID lockdown, he helped me find some simple things to focus on.
  2. “What the Spirit Can Do for Us” — Disciple Dog teaches has three friends visit to show me what the Spirit can do in our lives.
  3. “Disciple Dog in the Storm” Early in the COVID lockdown, Disciple Dog had a dream about being in a storm. His dream offers some insights for us as we reflect on what it’s been like.

Articles and Printed Sermons

  1. “Fear, Faith, Friends — and Courage” This is the first sermon I wrote after the COVID lockdown. We weren’t set up for video yet, so it was a written piece. Based on Psalm 23 and my own life experience, I identified four key themes that would enable us to endure the pandemic. Looking back 10 months later, I feel it was on point and worth remembering for other challenges in life. To read it, click here.
  2. “Soul-Keeping in the Digital Age” A report I presented at the 2005 UNESCO conference in Seattle is a summary of five years of research and reflection on how the emergence of digital technology was shaping our daily life. My research included interviews in Silicon Valley and India, and a term as “Visiting Scholar” with the Religious Studies department at UCSB. I was honored to see this piece included in a volume published in Russia.